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Transform your life, expand your consciousness

Hi I'm Eloys, I am a Qualified Shamanic Practitioner, Crystal Teacher and Sound Healer. I'm the founder of Healing Grounds Byron Bay.

I help people to activate the healing lineages that flow through them so they can expand, transform and grow.

I've had the honour of working with some of the most progressive shamanic teachers and the most authentic lineages in the world.

I bring to you my unique way of  healing developed over the years that follows the path of joy and the ancient Lemurian  Healing ways.  

My Healing Grounds Temple  is  a purpose built  sacred space in Byron Bay for transformative spiritual workshops, collaborative events and 1:1 healing sessions.

Huge Live Crystal Sales!

Every six weeks we hold a huge crystal sale live on Instagram. For two nights Eloise goes live with hand picked and ethically sourced crystals from small finds around the world. PLUS you will get to learn all about these unique and a lot of the time,  extremely rare crystals. 

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Stephanie, Townsville QLD - One to One Healing

"I haven't felt like myself for weeks... maybe a few months... and today I'm BACK! My husband leaves for work early and he came home for breakfast... and I said as soon as he walked in 'oh my gosh I'm myself again' he said to me 'I could tell as soon as I walked in the house'

I am usually such a happy person and the last little while has been quite hard and confusing for me.... I feel SO relieved to feel like myself again!! Thank you so much for your time, your energy, your support, your healing... honestly I feel so renewed and refreshed."

Could it be true, that mermaids really exist?

Awaken your Inner Mermaid

An online course to expand your crystal healing skills, your ability to be a clear channel, reclaim your sacred feminine power and reclaim your Lemurian mermaid spiritual lineage.

On this course, you'll be part of a small intimate glad of mermaids in a fully LIVE and dynamic course, ( there is no pre-recorded content) where I will guide you on your growth journey, with opportunities for questions and sharing time to practice new skills learned.

You will receive deep healing and grow in your light and inner power as your reclaim your Inner Mermaid and much of your soul lineage. 

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